DNA is a non profit organization/association with a long experience in the field of nature and outdoor education.

The organization due to its recent start consist at the moment of 4 board members and 15 members in the association.

DNA is on many digital media and have access to many people working in the educational field.

As the organization is nonprofit there is no paid staff. DNA’s purpose is to create knowledge and research about nature and outdoor education for preschools and kindergarten.

The purpose of the organization is to support and promote nature and outdoor pedagogy in Denmark, as well as support nature and forest kindergartens, in Denmark, as well as abroad.

DNA is supporting teachers in digital solutions with the aim of more creativity and critical thinking – an important issue of Danish pedagogically approach.

DNA focus and aim is contribute to the development of an educational practice with the focus on sustainability and environmental topics.

The focus is UN goals of sustainability and how to establish an educational practice so our next generation grow up as critical citizens with a knowledge and understanding about our world.

The purpose of the association is

– to create an understanding of the importance that children have in demand for good outdoor learning environments that support the child’s development, well-being, training and education

– to create knowledge, meaning and knowledge about nature and outdoor Pedagogy

– to support digital solution for teachers – to support teachers practice and knowledge in the field of sustainability and environmental educational

-to let all children obtain the right to an active nature and outdoor life -to create knowledge of nature and outdoor pedagogy and educational practice through national and international networks and partners.

– focus on sustainability and environmental educational knowledge and practice

DNA have already taken part in 2 EU project – Take Me Out, have been taking part and leading projects in Denmark. DNA have been in several Nordplus project with Estonia, Latvia and other countries.

DNA have many contacts around the world and collaborate with many professionals in different countries.