About DNA

Statutes of the Association for the Advancement of Natural pedagogy and outdoor Education


Danish Nature Approach (DNA)


First    Name and registered office

1.1. The association name is Danish Nature Approach – DNA

1.2. The association’s registered office is the City of Copenhagen

1.3. The DNA association was founded in May 2018 in Copenhagen, Denmark  



2nd     Foundation

2.1. No founding members of the association or other special rights have been granted



Third     Objective

3.1. The association’s purpose is to support and promote nature and outdoor pedagogy in Denmark, as well as support nature and forrest kindergartens, in Denmark, as well as abroad.

3.2. The purpose of the association is to create an understanding of the importance that children have in demand for good outdoor learning environments that support the child’s development, well-being, training and education.

3.3. The association’s purpose is to create knowledge, meaning and knowledge about nature and outdoor


3.4. The purpose of the association is that all children obtain the right to a active nature and outdoor life

3.5. Through national and international networks and partners to create knowledge of nature and outdoor pedagogy and educational practice


4th     Members

4.1. Members are staff or institutions that can join the association’s purpose.

4.2. A quota is levied, which is determined by the general assembly



5th     General Assembly

5.1. The General Assembly is the highest authority of the association, held annually in June.

5.2. Notice of general assembly with at least three weeks’ notice

5.3. The agenda should include at least;

  1. Election of Chairman and Rapporteur
  2. Report
  3. Approval of accounts
  4. Proposal
  5. Budget, including setting of quota
  6. Determination of the number of members of the executive committee
  7. Election of members of the executive committee, and the accountant
  8. Where applicable.



6th     Executive committee

6.1. The executive committee is elected at the annual general meeting and the election period is one year

6.2. The executive committee consist of 3-5 members who must ensure that the association is run in accordance with its purpose. The executive committee constitutes itself with the chairman – he also acts as secretary of the association and vice-chairman – this also acts as treasurer   

6.3. The executuve committee must ensure that a budget is prepared and a true and fair account is kept.

6.4. The executive commitee shall adopt its rules of procedure

6.5. The executive committee is quorum when a majority of the members are present or when the unifying committee is present.

6.6. Decisions on the executive committee are made by a simple majority of votes. In the event of a tie, the Chairman’s vote is crucial

6.7. All decisions from the General Assembly and the executive committee are recorded and led to protocool



7th     Daily management

7.1. The day-to-day is exercised by the Chairman and Vice-President

7.2. The Chairman and the Treasurer are eligible for subscription

7.3. Labor is based on voluntary work



8th     Operations and assets

8.1. If the association receives donations in the form of gifts, inheritances or grants, these will be used at the donor’s request to promote the association’s provision

8.2. If a member or board member receives an assignment (presentation, lecture, course, speech or other, in the name of the association, and in this connection receives a fee, he must pay DKK 500, in administrative costs to the association

8.3. If a board member, incl. The chairman and vice-chairman, wishing to resign from the association, may resign without obligation or rights.

8.4. The funds of the association can only be used for the purpose of the association

8.5. Any operating profits can only be used for any debt repayment, maintenance of the association’s assets and promotion of the association’s purpose



9th     Liability

9.1. Only the assets of the association are responsible for the association’s obligations



10. Accounting, Auditing and Budget

10.1. The association’s financial year follows the calendar year

10.2. The association’s accounts must be audited by an acountant elected at a general assembly .




11th   Amendment to the articles of association

11.1. Amendments to the articles of association and dissolution of the association require 2/3 of the members present at the general assembly to vote for this. Paragraphs 8.4 and 9.1 of this Staff Regulations cannot be amended by weight change under this provision.




12th   Cessation of operation

12.1 In the event of cessation, the association’s net wealth is used for related purposes for children and young people’s knowledge of nature and outdoor life.